Thursday, 21 February 2013

Constructive comment and praise time...

I was looking for information on the club site today and stumbled onto the player profiles.

I can only assume that they are works in progress or were done by someone detached from the club or using an old template that they didn't modify.

Why? Well, have a look at

I'm quick to praise a very good marketing team, but there are serious boo-boos here.

Chesney Hughes - right arm medium? That's a heck of a change of action over a winter...
Jonathan Clare - only right arm medium? Surely he's faster than Alex Hughes? He was coming up on Sky at 85mph last summer.
Wes Durston - right arm medium? Since when?

Sorry to be picky guys, but they need changed pretty quickly!

On a different tack, I was delighted to hear from Bob at Buxton Cricket Club. They've done a lot of work in sourcing old photographs of Derbyshire at the ground, in conjunction with the Buxton Advertiser and have done a fantastic job.

Full credit to everyone involved, as these pictures bring back wonderful memories for me and others of my vintage of happy days in the 'bowl' at the rustic but charming ground - at least when it wasn't raining! Those used to modern sightscreens and facilities may baulk at seeing tarpaulins, but Buxton was a terrific outground that saw some wonderful cricket over the years.

I've linked to the site on the left of the page - please pay them a visit as it is richly deserved.

A personal favourite? It has to be the immaculate defensive from that most elegant and correct of players, Lawrence Rowe. The poise of the player is obvious and I still wonder how he didn't score more runs with such a textbook technique.

Anyway, well done!

Postscript: the club site has now been amended, so well done to those involved for making the changes quickly.

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