Thursday, 26 January 2012

And finally tonight

"You know that bloke that Derbyshire have just signed?" said Mrs P tonight as we were doing the dishes.

 "Who? Khawaja?" says I, impressed that she's been listening to my cricket-speak.

 "Yeah, that's him. Every time you mention him I think of that Hank Williams song".

I know Usman is a talented guitarist, but I'd never put him in the same bracket as the late, great Hankster. It dawned on me straight away what song she meant.


If you've never heard it, you can do so on Youtube at:

There's got to be some lyrics written for Usman. That could be his T20 song...

PS Just realised that this is my 1500th post on the blog. How time flies when you're having fun...

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