Thursday, 24 November 2011

Midweek news

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week but one thing I've learned about retail since I changed the course of my career is that the Christmas period is massive. This week, in common with most of my colleagues, I've worked from 9am to 8pm every day, trying to keep up with the massive demands of the great British public as we approach the festivities. There's also been a family bereavement, as well as the death of my wife's car, so one way or another it's been a bit demanding on my time in recent days.

Anyway, I'm back now and catching up on the week's news. Somerset have announced a record profit of £408,000, which should ensure that they keep signing big name players beyond the reach of other counties, while Michael Powell, having left Glamorgan, has washed up at Kent, where he could prove a shrewd acquisition.

Meanwhile David Morgan announced his revolutionary blueprint for the future of the county game, one achieved, to be fair to him, after consultation with over 300 relevant parties throughout the game. The result is not that much of a change, to be honest, with two less Championship matches being replaced by four more T20 games. The latter, condensed into a few mid-season weeks, may make attracting overseas players a little easier, but I still don't think they will head for our shores in droves. Meanwhile, forty-over matches are replaced by fifty overs, so those hoping to ease the workload on players may well be disappointed. There's sense in the latter, bringing the county game into line with the international one, but the 40-over game offers a pleasant afternoon out for the uninitiated, a game you could go to after a good Sunday lunch in the old days.

There's some common sense in aiming to start Championship matches on Fridays at the start of the season, but none whatsoever in their commencing on a Monday by season-end. Of course, no one would want to see the cricket at the business end of the season, would they?

Anyway, closer to home, Derbyshire are once more swapping Derbados for Barbados pre-season, which is a sensible move. Cricket in the middle is crucial in allowing them to hit the ground running and the odds on getting that here in late March and early April are somewhat slim. Full credit to all involved in a sensible idea.

Back at the weekend, have a good one

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Marc said...

Some blueprint. Same old tinkering and getting nowhere fast. The change to 50 overs is a big mistake in my opinion and will do little to enhance the game. There are far too many irrelevant overs in this form of cricket. It will do nothing to bring in any extra fans.If anything,it will put people off. Another nothing blueprint.