Sunday, 18 September 2011

A point of clarification

I received an e mail last night that queried how I could only rank Matt Lineker and Paul Borrington as 5 in my review yesterday. After all, both had enjoyed excellent club and Second XI seasons.

 Yes, I totally agree, but neither had many first team opportunities and in the few they had both managed one notable score each. I did say at the top of the piece that my marks reflected first team performances...

Based on their seasons as a whole, both would merit an eight, but they need to replicate such form in the senior side next year. I think they are capable of doing so and I look forward to marking them accordingly!


mastervillain said...

Problem would be with marking them on non 1st XI cricket is you then have a comparison being made between apples and Pears. I daresay Chesney would have clobbered the league and 2nd XI bowling etc.

jasper said...

You would think so but actually Chesney scored around 50 odd runs in about 7 innings for Sandiacre!